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Los Angeles Clippers fan makes half-court shot, wins car for stellar effort (video)


During a third quarter timeout in Thursday night’s prime time tilt between the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers at STAPLES Center, one lucky fan was afforded the opportunity to put his long shot-making skills on display in front of the crowd and thankfully for us, the TNT cameras.

The task presented to this Los Angeles Clippers fan was simple: Make a shot from half-court, win a car. Miss the shot, a set of steak knives. Airball it? He’s tarred and feathered and chased out of STAPLES Center with fans armed with torches and pitchforks.

Okay, the Glengarry Glen Ross-Frankenstein mash-up I came up with for a made-up, unrealistic scenario notwithstanding, while it was indeed a tall order, all he had to do was make the shot, which actually is a tall order even if doing it in an empty gym, let alone in front of onlookers inside a packed arena.

The outcome is pretty much given away in the title of this post — not to mention the image above of the guy triumphantly raising his arms in celebration —  but let’s still take a gander to see how he does just for kicks.

Nothing but net. Nice.

And here’s an animated GIF of this guy’s shot-making prowess:

Good news for the guy is he won a car for his clutch performance under duress. Bad news for the guy and every other Clippers fan who attended the game: The home team got pasted by the Spurs 116-90. Too bad the Clippers didn’t have this guy on their bench.

[H/T Holdout Sports, image/GIF via SB Nation]