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LeBron James: Still good at basketball, banks in left-handed three-pointer (video)


While I am not completely sold on whether or not this LeBron James kid is a legitimate, bona fide NBA star, he nevertheless once again has left me amazed at his developing, almost above-average grasp on this game we call basketball.

Early on the third quarter of the Miami Heat’s tilt against the Chicago Bulls on Thursday, play was halted by a whistle and LeBron took advantage of the stoppage in play to step back and hoist up a three-pointer…left-handed.

Of course, Mr. LeBron James drained it, and even got some bonus style points on the made shot, as he kissed it off the glass. I guess the banks were open late on Thursday night.

In only plays that actually counted, LeBron finished with 26 points, 12 rebounds and 7 assists — a pretty impressive stat line, maybe this guy is going to be good — as the Heat throttled the Bulls by a score of 86-67.