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Twins slugger Josh Willingham will be wearing a dress in new commercial

Minnesota Twins  Photo Day

On Wednesday, Minnesota Twins power-hitting left fielder Josh Willingham was spotted patrolling the outfield at the team’s spring training facility in Fort Meyers, Fla., but in this instance, he wasn’t practicing his fielding or shagging fly balls.

Instead, according to a Pioneer Press report, Willingham was pushing a lawnmower while outfitted in “a flowery pink house dress while wearing a straw hat and fuzzy pink-and-green slippers.”

On Thursday, inquiring minds wanted to know: What gives, Willingham? Why go the Kids in the Hall route for comedy?

The Twins outfielder was tight-lipped about his cross-dressing activities, saying, “”I’m not talking about that,” with a slight smile on Thursday, adding, “You didn’t see anything.”

Apparently, Willingham was filming his part in an upcoming commercial for Fox Sports North, the local cable broadcaster of Minnesota Twins game.

Fox Sports North appears to be taking a page out of the Twins organization’s playbook, a team that has become well-known and highly regarded for its unusually unique, sometimes bizarre and often hilarious in-house promotional commercials.

Closer Glen Perkins also appears in the spot, but he luckily only had to don his Twins uniform, explained the vast difference in wardrobe. “Josh got screwed,” Perkins said. “He definitely got the short end of the stick. He really did.”

Saying that he can’t give anymore away, Perkins added that the commercial is “going to be good.” Still, one has to wonder how Willingham was convinced to put on a dress. “He agreed to it,” Perkins said. “I don’t know what else to say. They showed us the storyboard, and he said, ‘Sounds good.’ ”

What a trooper. A cross-dressing, lawn-mowing trooper.