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Goofball says ‘Kevin’ over and over in sad attempt to heckle Kevin Garnett (video)


In one of the least creative efforts at taunting that I can remember, a presumed Lakers fan repeatedly yelled “KEVIN! KEVIN! KEVIN!” at Kevin Garnett during the Boston Celtics’ visit to STAPLES Center on Wednesday night to take on the Los Angeles Lakers.

Nearly midway through the second quarter, Kevin Garnett fouls Dwight Howard after the Lakers center got deep position in the paint on the veteran Celtics player. The mics near the court pick up some yahoo chanting “KEVIN!” over and over again after play is stopped. The amount of times he yells KG’s first name is borderline psychotic.

In the end, the Lakers beat the Celtics by a score of 113-99, with KG finishing with only 12 points and 4 rebounds. Maybe hearing his name over and over and over again in some misguided attempt at heckling had some effect on Garnett. But probably not.

Step up your taunting game, unidentified Lakers fan guy. Sheesh.

[H/T reddit, via TBJ]