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USHL’s Fargo Force uses Sarah McLachlan, pitiful images of players for promo (video)


The Fargo Force, a member of the United States Hockey League (and given the name, conveniently based in Fargo, N.D.), have won over the interwebs with this absolutely brilliant promotion where the organization attempts to generate some interest in the team and drum up some business at the ticket office and its upcoming 2013-14 season ticket campaign by playing on the emotions of its fans.

How do they accomplish that, you ask? Simple. The Fargo Force simply utilized a concept that has been working remarkably all too well for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA): Show pitiful, slow-motion images of the population you’re trying to help and pair those heartbreaking images with a soundtrack the ├╝ber-depressing Sarah McLachlan song, “Angel.” In the ASPCA’s case, it’s abused and mistreated animals. In the Fargo Force’s case, it’s the under-appreciated players that make up its roster.

“Every single day, a hockey player loses their way because fans no longer support them.” Fantastic. The only drawback is I now have that blasted song stuck in my head.

[H/T Off the Bench]