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Tiger Woods praises President Obama’s golf game, says, ‘He’s got amazing touch’


Tiger Woods may have been better served preparing for this week’s Accenture Match Play Championship, but he spent at least part of last weekend hitting the links with President Barack Obama. Not a bad option when you think about it.

And while the White House Press Corps reportedly were frustrated over the fact that they were not afforded a photo-op of the two on the course, it sounds like Tiger Woods walked away from the experience quite impressed with President Obama’s golf game.

Woods summarized the day by saying that “Playing with Mr. President was pretty cool,” and that “He’s just a wonderful person to be around.” Tiger also made sure to point out how the  mentioned that the two fared as teammates. Woods and the President  teamed up in a competition against Jim Crane, the Houston Astros owner, and Ron Kirk, the United States Trade Representative at The Floridian in Palm City, Fla. Tiger said, “We won.” Of course they did.

Woods, when asked if the President hit any good shots, said: “He hit a few. He’s a pretty good athlete, and we all know he played a lot of hoops. He’s a lefty, but to see him out hitting shots — he hit it well, and we didn’t play under the easiest conditions.:

Speaking about Obama’s overall game, Tiger said, “He’s got amazing touch. He can certainly chip and putt. If he ever spent — after these four years — spent more time playing the game of golf, I’m sure he could get to where he’s a pretty good stick.”

Kind of a variation on Theodore Roosevelt’s famous quote, eh? Instead of “Speak softly, and carry a big stick,” in Obama’s case, maybe it’s fitting to say, “Swings softly, and he’s a pretty good stick.”

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