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Amazing behind-the-back shots: Making table tennis interesting since…now (video)


Table tennis — ping pong to the layperson — doesn’t quite get the respect it deserves in the sports world. The action is intense and competitors frequently make amazing plays while exhibiting incredible displays of relative athleticism.

That was the case during a recent match between Frenchman Quentin Robinot — who the Daily Mail refers to as a “star” (who woulda thunk it?) — and Kiryl Barabanov of Belarus. During a frenzied rally, Robinot made an awe-inspiring play,  answering a powerful Barabanov return with a crafty behind-the-back winner, wowing the crowd and befuddling his opponent.

Barabanov’s reaction is priceless. It’s like he’s standing there thinking, “How in the heck am I supposed to compete with that kind of craziness?” Or something along those lines. Only he thought it in Belarusian, presumably.