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What in the holy hell is going on with Andrew Bynum’s hair? (photo)


While perpetually injured center Andrew Bynum has yet to make an impact on the court for the Philadelphia 76ers this season as he’s been sidelined with knee issues, his many bizarre hairstyles sure have generated a lot of talk, laughter and let’s be honest, abject confusion, even becoming comedic fodder in a delightful animated video that surfaced last week.

Perhaps his most perplexing hair-don’t was the above hot mess, something I am left unable to describe, nor do I wish to go down that road in the first place. Suffice to say, it’s strangeness is indeed remarkable.

But Andrew Bynum’s many follicle-based forays into absurdity were mere child’s play when compared to an image that surfaced on the interwebs on Tuesday.

GAH! What in the holy hell is going on there? It’s like Bynum’s hair has taken on a personality of its own and is suffering from extreme schizophrenia, like it is its own sentient being and lacks the mental faculties to decide what it wants to be. Does it want to be in cornrows or would it prefer the less restrictive and more free-flowing afro look?

Here is a larger photo of the disaster:


If you ask me, Bynum’s hair is a cry for help from the 76ers big man. It may be time for those close to Bynum to get involved. Maybe it would be appropriate to organize a “hairtervention” or something.

[image via @JordanRaanan, H/T The700Level]