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Rafael Nadal now wearing a $690,000 Richard Mille watch on the court


One would think it wouldn’t be the most responsible idea to strap a watch onto one’s wrist worth $690,000 before taking the court to play tennis. But apparently, for Rafael Nadal, the absurd amount of money he earns on the court, not to mention is affiliation with the company that makes the extravagant timepiece, makes it a much easier decision.

Nadal has upped the ante with costly timepiece tournament apparel now that he is wearing the RM27-01 model from esteemed watchmaker Richard Mille. Weighing only 19 grams, the $690,000 watch also is reportedly remarkably durable and able to withstand up to 5,000 Gs of force.

Despite the ridiculous value of the new watch, Rafael Nadal is no stranger to the pricey timepieces Richard Mille designs and creates. Last summer, a Mille watch worth an estimated $370,000 went missing from Nadal’s Paris hotel room during the French Open. With that in mind and despite the risk inherent to a watch while returning 100 mph-plus serves, maybe the watch is a lot safer on Nadal’s wrist then anywhere else.

[Via Forbes, by way of Business Insider]