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Tubby Smith grooving after Gophers beat Badgers might be best thing ever (video)


Being a resident of the fine state of Minnesota, I have unfortunately witnessed up-close the Tubby Smith Era of Minnesota Golden Gophers basketball. Smith arrived with much fanfare, leading many Gophers fans to believe that the worst days for the program were behind it and that only great things were on the horizon.

Sadly — and surprisingly — things have not gone as planned. Following consistent, promising starts during non-conference play, Tubby’s teams have either under-performed or not bothered to show up at all during the several Big Ten seasons that Smith has been at the helm.

But all that is forgiven and forgotten in light of one of the most hilariously awkward demonstrations of postgame locker room joy that has ever been witnessed. In what many in the Twin Cities media were referring to a must-win game, the Gophers upended the visiting Wisconsin Badgers in Williams Arena on Thursday night, defeating the cross-state rivals in overtime by a score of 58-53, snapping a two-game losing streak and perhaps providing a spark to a largely underwhelming Big Ten campaign.

And what transpired afterward in the locker room, when Tubby Smith led the Gophers players in a boogie-down-fest, dancing to Ke$ha’s “Die Young,” just a week after the Badgers danced to the same song following its win over the Michigan Wolverines.

That. Is. Awesome. Seeing Tubby Smith grooving to the tunes with what the Good Lord gave him means that despite all the trials and tribulations of Tubby’s tenure, well, that’s all in the past now.

And here’s a GIF of Tubby’s impromptu, impassioned and instant-classic get-down, courtesy of The Big Lead: