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Ryan Hollins kicks Jeremy Lin as Rockets guard is falling to floor after foul (video)


The Los Angeles Clippers stormed out to a 46-28 lead in the first quarter and held on to  beat the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night 106-96. With the game well in hand and the team leading by 16 midway through the second quarter, Clippers center Ryan Hollins let his foot do the talking as he appeared to intentionally kick Rockets guard Jeremy Lin as Lin was falling to the floor after he was fouled while bringing the ball up the court in transition.

After the impromptu act of subtle aggression, Hollins raises his arms up to unsuccessfully demonstrate that the kick to Jeremy Lin’s gut wasn’t intentional, but the referee wasn’t buying what he was selling and Hollins was assessed a technical foul on the play. Maybe Hollins was pleading temporary Linsanity or something to the ref. Linsanity is still a thing, right?