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Mike Krzyzewski prevents court-storming after Duke beats North Carolina (video)


The Duke Blue Devils beat the the North Carolina Tar Heels by the score of 73-68 in a rivalry week matchup at Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham on Wednesday night. While the outcome wasn’t surprising given the state of the respective programs, anything can and often does happen when rivals square off on the hardwood.

But on this night, the superior team came out on top and thanks to birthday boy Mike Krzyzewski, we were not forced to bear witness to one of the most tired, clichéd and silly practices inherent to college basketball: The unnecessary and embarrassing act of fans feeling the need to storm the floor after a pedestrian — and expected — win. It’s nearly as dumb as fans doing The Wave. Almost.

As the clock ran down to zero and with a few stragglers making their way onto the court, Coach K was captured by cameras pleading with the fans, imploring them not to storm the floor. And wouldn’t you know it? The Cameron Crazies heeded their leader’s command, demonstrating how much control he holds over his Blue Devil minions. Amazing.

Kneel before K! The power he has over those Dukies is unparalleled in the world of college basketball. Seriously, Mike Krzyzewski could probably start his own cult comprised solely of Duke Blue Devils basketball fans. It would be like the Manson Family, only more, you know, boring, with less murder and mayhem and a lot more basketball drills, layup processions and acoustic guitar jams featuring songs with titles like “The Ballad of Bobby Knight.” You know, stuff like that.