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Kate Upton denies relationship with Justin Verlander, says ‘I’m single’ (video)


As part of her whirlwind promotional tour for her prime placement on the cover of the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Kate Upton found herself making an appearance on Detroit’s FOX affiliate WJBK-TV. Of course, given the persistent rumors that swirled last October that Miss Upton was romantically involved with Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander, including a confirmation from Verlander’s own grandfather, not to mention recent gossip that Upton and Verlander were spotted together over the holidays vacationing at the Ritz-Carlton on St. Thomas in the Caribbean, talk quickly turned to the current status of the supposed relationship.

Fox 2 News Headlines

FOX 2’s anchor Jason Carr stepped into the interview, segueing Upton and her interviewer’s comments into a blunt inquiry about her relationship with Verlander, setting up the following give-and-take between the two:

Carr: Beautiful and amazing, that’s how I would describe St. Thomas where you went with your boyfriend Justin Verlander, ah, on vacation. Uh, are there any plans for any nuptials or you guys going to go public with that romance anytime soon and what does JV think about the Tigers’ upcoming season?

Upton: Actually, I’m single right now. So, um, I spent my holiday in Melbourne, Florida.

And then the gang laughed and laughed about Carr’s thwarted efforts and how Upton completely stonewalled him. Good stuff.

Whether or not the two are actually dating cannot be sufficiently deduced from Upton’s terse reply. I am sure even if the two are dating; a single Kate Upton is a much more marketable product for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue promotional machine to sell than an attached Kate Upton. Because, you know, that way guys who purchase the issue foolishly believe that they might still have a chance with her. And then in that scenario, hell freezes over, turning into a frozen and frigid wasteland, much like the Antarctica that Kate Upton experienced during her cover-worthy photo shoot.