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San Jose Sharks get 6 RBI and 2 HR from two players, still lose hockey game? (pic)


Come on, San Jose Sharks. What gives?

Graphical errors during sports broadcasts are not a new phenomenon. And while said errors are perfectly understandable in light of the time crunch those charged with putting them together in order to air a competent, informative broadcast, they are nevertheless amusing when they do occur.

Take the one above from the postgame coverage of the San Jose Sharks-Nashville Predators game on Tuesday evening. While airing footage of San Jose Sharks head coach Todd McLellan being interviewed, a graphic was put up showing the supposed stat lines of the top two defensemen for the Sharks, who happened to be designated as Dan Boyle and Brent Burns.

Despite the Sharks getting a curious statistical output of 6 RBI, 2 HR from Boyle and Burns and despite the two going hitless, the Sharks still came up short, suffering a shutout and losing 1-0. I guess if a graphic is going to be incorrect, it might as well be completely nonsensical and hilarious.

[H/T reddit, via Puck Drunk Love]