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Adam Miller backflips down stairs off one skateboard, lands on another (video)


In my younger days, I considered myself something of a devil-may-care, fearless thrasher, a skate punk, what have you. And while I was far braver in those heady days of youth than I am now, there is no way in hell I would have ever even thought of attempting what Adam Miller pulls off here.

Miller, a member of the EduSkate team based out of a skate shop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, sticks one crazy stunt: an unheard of backflip down steps off one board and landing on another board. Gnarly.

Holy crap. So much could have gone wrong there. Fortunately for Adam Miller, nothing did. Had someone less skilled and brave attempted this certifiable demonstration of insanity, I could see the poor sucker flying up in the air after landing on the board at the bottom of the landing and going “owwuda owwuda owwuda sheglank” and landing right on his head. That’s a littleĀ Animal Chin reference for all of you old-time thrasher types out there.

[via New York Daily News, of all places]