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Will Ferrell works Lakers game dressed as security guard Ted Vagina (pic/videos)


Will Ferrell routinely attends Los Angeles Lakers games as Will Ferrell, but on Tuesday, the actor showed up in character, dressed as a STAPLES Center security staffer named Ted Vagina. We know that was the name of Ferrell’s character because his name tag read, “Ted Vagina.” I only mention that because for some reason, I really enjoy typing out the name, Ted Vagina.

Anyhoo, Will Ferrell dressed up as STAPLES Center security guard Ted Vagina and patrolled the court as the Lakers hosted the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday. And it was a hoot.


And here are a couple of videos, including one where Ted Vagina escorts Shaquille O’Neal away from courtside.

Great story. Compelling and rich. And while there isn’t any evidence documenting it, sources say the real laugh riot occurred when Ferrell placed a prank phone call to the Lakers locker room claiming he was Dr. Chim Richalds, a professional doctor, to inform Dwight Howard that he had the Lakers center’s pregnancy report, that he was knocked up and should get out of basketball. It’s funny because it’s an Anchorman reference. And those are always funny. It’s science.

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