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Roddy White: The latest athlete who will learn it’s unwise to use the word ‘retards’

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White, much like the Iron Sheik, can’t make sense of the International Olympic Committee’s decision to drop wrestling as an Olympic sport beginning in 2020. And while the Iron Sheik dropped f-bombs and threatened to make the IOC humble — which probably involves something most uncomfortable — the criticism the professional wrestler will receive for his commentary will pale in comparison to what White is likely to face after he took to Twitter on Wednesday to eloquently express his opinion regarding the IOC’s decision.

When are athletes going to learn that “retards” — or any variation on the term, as learned by Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco — is not the preferred nomenclature. Actually, there is not a preferred nomenclature when it comes to classifying a person or group who makes a questionable decision as mentally challenged. In the grand scheme of things, there are far worse things that White could have done, said or tweeted, but just to be safe, it is wiser to avoid inviting controversy altogether by not using the term.

There is nothing on the Twitter front at the time of the publishing of this post from White about his ill-advised tweet. But in the end, my guess is we should expect an apology from Roddy White sooner than later.