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Lolo Jones injures hand, jokes about not wanting to die a 30-year-old virgin (photos)


Despite not even winning a medal, American track and field star Lolo Jones was among the biggest names and most popular stories to come out of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. And while she is a gifted athlete, and let’s be honest, a very attracted woman, much of the attention Lolo Jones drew had to do with the fact that she was incredibly outspoken regarding her virginity.

Recently, Jones made the transition from track and field to a different kind of athletic endeavor. While still an Olympic sport, it is one that falls on the other end of the spectrum of Olympic sports: Bobsledding. And perhaps most surprising is that the transition has been a successful one, as last October, Jones was named to the U.S. national bobsled team.

Jones currently is in Russia and it appears that she has suffered a bobsled-related injury during training. Jones took to Twitter on Tuesday to reveal that she suffered said injury. And while she has joked about her virginity in the past, her latest zinger certainly deserves a chuckle.

First, Jones uploaded the below photo after tweeted the following:


And then a short time later, she uploaded the below photo showing her getting treated for her hand injury:


The following message was attached to the photo:

Ha. Gold.

Get it? Gold? As in medal? You know, because she’s an Olympic athlete? Man, tough crowd. Work with me here.

[H/T Busted Coverage, images via @lolojones]