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Haven’t checked, has Katherine Webb been up to anything interesting? (vid/pics)


For awhile there, Katherine Webb was an internet sensation, ever since Brent Musburger kind-of, sort-of ogled the Miss Alabama bombshell while we were looking on live during the BCS National Championship Game. Of course, much hullabaloo resulted, including a mea culpa from ESPN for Musburger’s perceived horndoggery and an appearance by Webb on the Today show.

Webb parlayed her meteoric rise to insta-fame into a gig covering Super Bowl XLVII forĀ Inside Edition and with it, another instance of Webb catching the attention of the interwebs.

But since then, things have been relatively quiet on the Katherine Webb front and it seems that she will fade back into relative obscurity and likely will once again simply be known as Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, right?It’s not like some other big opportunity is going to come around for this gal, further raising her profile, correct?

What’s that? She turned up on the pages of the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, you say? This I gotta see.

I stand corrected. It looks like Katherine Webb is here to stay. Oh, and she also took the stage with some of her fellow Swimsuit Edition models to take part in the “Top 10 List” on the Late Show on Monday night:

Yep, things are looking up for Miss Katherine Webb. Same thing goes with that Kate Upton gal, who joined Webb in the bit on Letterman. I expect big things from her in the coming year. It’s high time the world starts paying attention to her.

[photos via Sports Illustrated]