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You’re with me, bunker: Chris Berman gets stuck in sand trap at Pebble Beach Pro-Am (vid)


Oh, Chris Berman. A man who was once the most gleefuully ridiculed and feverishly mocked sports personalities in the blogosphere (“You’re With Me, Leather” — man, that seems like a lifetime ago) has seen his sweaty shine dim a bit over the years, as he recedes into the shadows of a less ridiculed, more obscure existence. As far as the blogs are concerned.

He remains a fixture at The World Wide Leader in Sports what with the NFL pregame show, Home Run Derby and being banned from taking part in any of ESPN’s coverage of The Masters (whew), but that does not mean he isn’t held in high regard by¬† less cynical folks who don’t travel the mean-spirited avenues of the blogosphere.

Which is why it makes perfect sense that the Bermanator is among the dignitaries, celebrities and probably Michael Bolton who are taking part in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am this week. Berman was playing Spyglass Hill, a brutally tough course with a hella amount of bunkers. Berman found himself in one and despite his best efforts, had a lot of trouble getting out.

So, pop in some Huey Lewis & The News, kick back on your VIP couch with some lovely ladies and let us mock and ridicule Chris Berman as he hacks and huffs and puffs and tries to get his ball out of the sand trap.

Ha. That’s awesome. To be fair to Berman, I probably wouldn’t have fared any better. Then again, I don’t make Tommy Bahama shirts an integral part of my day-to-day wardrobe.

Jesus…that’s so rude. Jesus! It’s like no one’s ever taken cheap shots at Chris Berman before! Jesus.

And in the spirit of our trip down memory lane, Berman’s still-brilliant meltdown (video NSFW):

Fantastic. It holds up remarkably well. It’s like art, really. Unhinged, hilarious, bloviating art.

[H/T Devil Ball Golf]