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Georgetown bulldogs and Butler bulldogs get together for a bow-wow (photos)


Bow wow? Get it? Like pow wow, but you know, with dogs. Of course, we all know that the beloved mascot for both Georgetown University Hoyas and Butler University Bulldogs is the fantastic canine breed of bulldog. In a brilliant event that will be remembered as one of most adorable interactions between mascots ever, the Georgetown Hoyas’ mascots, Georgetown Jack and Georgetown Jack Jr., hosted their Butler Bulldogs brethren, Butler Blue 2 and Bulter Blue 3, on the Georgetown campus. The fearsome foursome stopped by the school’s stately Philodemic room in Healy Hall as well as Gaston Hall for what is being billed as the Inaugural Bulldog Lecture Series.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Or dogstory. Or whatever.

The entire event, with all its pomp and circumstance, has been chronicled on Jack and Jack Jr.’s Twitter account — yes they have a Twitter account — as well as on Facebook:



Well, that’s just too adorable for words, ain’t it? Heh, Doggy Diplomacy. Indeed.

[H/T Deadpin]