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Elderly Ohio State fan ‘Gangnam Grandma’ busts a move at center court (video)


On Thursday night, the Ohio State Buckeyes hosted the Wisconsin Badgers at the Value City Arena. The game was outstanding and ultimately the Buckeyes dispatched the visiting Badgers squad, winning in double overtime by a score of 65-59. But during a break in the action, the music of PSY began thumping inside Value City Arena. And that’s when “Gangnam Grandma” took center stage and rocked everyone’s socks out with her fantastic rendition of the overdone, overplayed and somebody-please-make-it-stop dance craze.

Taking her spot alongside Brutus, “Gangnam Grandma,” who in real life goes by the name of Sandy Flenner, refused to allow the Buckeyes mascot to steal her thunder. She shook what the Good Lord gave her and took to dance like she’s been doing it since the first time she did the Charleston in that Cleveland speakeasy way back when.

Well done, Gangnam Grandma. Let your freak flag fly. But let’s not get too crazy, lady. Don’t forget about the Osteoporosis.

[via OSU Buckeyes YouTube]