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Ex-NFLer Anthony ‘Spice’ Adams lampoons Sammy Sosa’s Pinterest page (pics)


When news of Sammy Sosa’s Pinterest page hit the interwebs in early January, it spread like wildfire, giving rise to gasps and guffaws, hoots and hollers and plenty of bemused mockery.

Former NFL player Anthony “Spice” Adams seems to have found Sammy Sosa’s Pinterest page, which is about as ill-conceived as ill-conceived can get, just as amusing as the rest of the world. Adams, who broke into the NFL in 2003 as a member of San Francisco 49ers and later played for the Chicago Bears, has lampooned Sosa’s odd poses, pointing at absolutely nothing and donning a yellow sweater on a Pinterest page of his very own. And the results are phenomenal.

His page is entitled “Sammy Sosa Inspired Pics” and his mimicking of all that was awkward about Sosa’s page follow below, along with a few of the original Sosa pics thrown in there for comparative purposes.

anthony-adams-pinterest-page-2 anthony-adams-pinterest-page-1 anthony-adams-pinterest-page-12 anthony-adams-pinterest-page-11 anthony-adams-pinterest-page-10sammy-sosa-pinterest-7 anthony-adams-pinterest-page-9 anthony-adams-pinterest-page-8 anthony-adams-pinterest-page-7 anthony-adams-pinterest-page-6sammy-sosa-pinterest-2anthony-adams-pinterest-page-5

sammy-sosa-pinterest-3 anthony-adams-pinterest-page-4 anthony-adams-pinterest-page-3

Fan-freaking-tastic. Bravo, Spice. Bravo, indeed.

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