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Not awesome, baby! Dick Vitale reportedly hurt walking into plate-glass window


Legendary college basketball announcer and Hooters pitchman Dick Vitale reportedly was injured prior to his calling the Michigan Wolverines-Ohio State Buckeyes showdown at Crilser Arena on Tuesday when he accidentally (I assume it was accidental — otherwise this is an even stranger story) walked into a plate-glass window.

Dickie V. apparently suffered a cut to his face but displaying the guts and tenacity that have made him, uh, Dick Vitale (I guess), he worked through his injures and competently (?) called the game, presumably with his trademark wit, excitement and, shall we say, Vitale-ity? Zing!

Vitale, at 73 years old and already having one glass eye, apparently walked away with no substantial injuries and still only one glass eye. Thankfully, the Twitterverse was chronicling the entire plate-glass-face-smash ordeal.

Played through it like a Prime Time Player, baby!!!

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