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Here’s some TMZ guy asking Katherine Webb if she’ll ever pose for Playboy (video)


The persistent photogs (videotogs?) from TMZ accosted Katherine Webb at LAX on Monday and asked the question that only employees of TMZ would feel no shame asking Miss Webb — better known as Miss Alabama, the girlfriend of Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron, the object of Brent Musburger’s borderline creepy admiration and Darnell Dockett’s Twitter-based tomfoolery (although not necessarily in that order).

One of the questions asked of Katherine Webb? Whether or not she ever intends to pose for Playboy. Yep.

As mentioned above, Webb was accosted by TMZ as she made her way through LAX on Monday, and instead of asking her about her Super Bowl reporting gig and how she was quite the hit on Media Day, TMZ cut to the chase and asked Webb what is on the minds of every perverted horndogger on the interwebs:

While appearing a bit taken aback by the question — who wouldn’t be? — Webb comes off quite unflappable, responding that she has no plans to pose for Playboy, and mentions that members of her family would be none too pleased with such a decision. Good for her: For not planning on taking the easy way to fame by posing nude and for withstanding TMZ Guy’s full-frontal and intentionally provocative inquiry.

And what gives with the gun control question at the end? What a ham TMZ Guy is.