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Caps give out Nicklas Backstrom Garden Gnomes, and the guy was everywhere (pics)


It was Nicklas Backstrom Garden Gnome Giveaway Night on Tuesday at the Verizon Center in D.C.  as the Washington Capitals hosted the Toronto Maple Leafs. And by the looks of all the photos uploaded to the interwebs, a grand time was had by one and all. Especially those who were fortunate enough to get their hands on one of the adorable little Garden Gnomes, not to mention the many incarnations of the little bugger itself, who was photographed all over the arena posing, taking in the sights and enjoying the game.

That is if we assume that the Nicklas Backstrom Garden Gnomes are actually alive. It’s possible, isn’t it? Look into its eyes. Don’t tell me there isn’t a spark in those peepers.

While the reactions by Backstrom’s Capitals teammates and their opinions of the peculiar little Garden Gnome can be characterized as mixed at best, many of the 18,000 fans who received one appeared delighted and enjoyed showing off their newest Capitals keepsake.

Nicklas-Backstrom-Gnome-7 nicklas-backstrom-garden-gnome-2 nicklas-backstrom-garden-gnome-3 nicklas-backstrom-garden-gnome-4 nicklas-backstrom-garden-gnome-5 nicklas-backstrom-garden-gnome-6 nicklas-backstrom-garden-gnome-7 nicklas-backstrom-garden-gnome-8

Oh, and we mustn’t forget this brief video tribute, which is a bit disturbing if you ask me. But still awesome.

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