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Blueprints for famous Michael Jordan sculpture for sale on eBay for $100K (photos)


The world-famous statue of Michael Jordan that stands outside United Center is a Chicago landmark and tourists and MJ fanatics from all over the world can be seen posing in front of it every day. The majestic sculpture, officially called The Spirit, was installed at its present location on Oct. 31 and officially unveiled a day later on Nov. 1, 1994, in front of adoring Chicago Bulls fans, celebrities and even Michael Jordan himself.

Created by Omri Amrany and Julie Rotblatt-Amrany, the sculpture weighs 2,000 pounds, is 12 feet tall and sits upon 5-foot-tall chunk of black granite.

Blueprints apparently were drawn up and referred to and utilized during the sculpture’s construction and somehow ended up in the hands of an eBay seller who goes by the moniker “bailiwyck.” And this bailiwyck fellow (or gal) appears to be open to parting with such an interesting artifact, but not so willing that he will allow someone to take it off his hands for a song. Nope. The listing price? $100,000.

(click to enlarge on all images)

michael-jordan-sculpture-blueprint-1 michael-jordan-sculpture-blueprint-2 michael-jordan-sculpture-blueprint-3

The listing, via eBay (by way of The Basketball Jones):

Guaranteed Authentic

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  • Item: Michael Jordan Statue Structural Blue Print Page
  • Size: 24″ x 17 ” (the frame adds a 1.5 inches to each side)
  • Description: The drawings are clear and readable, cheap frame, the blue print was poorly glue’d onto a piece of cardboard, can see the swirl of the glue through the paper, paper has yellowed except where the glue swirls are


  • Payment: Paypal
  • Shipping and Handling
  • Local pick up only but will help if you are making the shipping arrangement

Oh man, it was glue’d onto a piece of cardboard? Forget about it then. Not interested. The $100,000 price tag would have kept me out of the running anyway.

One person, however, who may be interested in such a unique piece of memorabilia might be Michael Jordan, “His Airness” himself. Although knowing how protective and how proud of his legacy Jordan seems to be, he might instead forgo bidding on the blueprints and attempt to buy the actual sculpture itself and prominently place it somewhere in his upcoming multimillion dollar humidor mansion. I doubt it’s for sale, though. Too bad, MJ.

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