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JELL-O to console hurting San Francisco 49ers fans with free pudding (video)


Sure, the San Francisco 49ers may have come up short in its quest for a NFL championship, losing to the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII. This no doubt left the team’s fans dejected, despondent and um, some other word that begins with “d.” But at least one company is stepping up by making a sincere effort to console those hurting fans.

Called the “Pudding Drop,” JELL-O has announced that on Tuesday it will be descending on San Francisco with cups of free pudding, because, as the ad below states, “Nothing masks the bitter taste of defeat like the sweet taste of JELL-O.” I don’t know if it will completely eradicate said bitter taste of defeat, but JELL-O should be commended for its gesture, not to mention its marketing wit and promotional savvy. Plus, pudding tastes good and stuff.

Depressed (that’s the “d” word I was looking for up above!) 49ers fans can refer to this map to find the locations throughout San Francisco where they can pick up their free cup of pudding. I’m sure chocolate pudding will be prevalent, but if JELL-O doesn’t have some butterscotch available, I’d be really angry if I were one of those 49ers fans who have a hankering for some free pudding. And what about Pudding Pops? Whatever happened to those tasty treats? Man, I miss those things.

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