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These childhood photos of Super Bowl XLVII participants are amusing (photos)


Not much setting up needed for this one. World Wide Interweb has tracked down and compiled some photos of San Francisco 49ers players (and their head coach, Jim Harbaugh) and Baltimore Ravens players (and their coach, John Harbaugh) as they were when they were much, much younger, long before these men were preparing to play in all likelihood the biggest game of their lives on the biggest stage at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans on Feb. 3.

Have a look-see, have a chuckle, have a V8 for all I care if the mood should strike you.

Jim Harbaugh:


John Harbaugh:


Ray Rice:


Vernon Davis:


Joe Flacco:


Colin Kaepernick:


Ha. Good stuff. World Wide Interweb has additional photos of your favorite 49ers and Ravens players when they were young, so of course be sure sure to check them out.

[H/T Sports Pickle]