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Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz continues to horrify folks with mangled pinky (photo)


Hall of Fame offensive lineman Anthony Munoz stopped by “Mike & Mike” on Wednesday morning (audio here) to discuss with the ESPN Radio hosts all things Super Bowl as well as few other topics thrown in for good measure.

Among the topics addressed while the Cincinnati Bengals great was on the air was Anthony Munoz’s legendary mangled hands, in particular the grotesque appearance of his left pinky finger.

Munoz, explaining why he has never had that nasty appendage surgically repaired, said that it doesn’t bother him, it causes him no pain because of nerve damage and if he were to have it fixed, he would be unable to make a fist or close his hand around a golf club because once the pinky was straightened out, it would never move again.

But seriously, look at that mess. While true that there are far, far worse fates that can be befall a professional football player, the appearance of that mangled thing is bizarre.

[image via @balbonik]