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Goofy dancing fan during USA-Canada friendly is goofy, was dancing (video)

Apparently, Team USA and Team Canada engaged in a match of a friendly nature on Tuesday evening in Houston. To add to the boring outcome of the 0-0 tie, it was raining.

But rain, nor maybe sleet or even snow would have dampened this US fan’s spirits. He’s like the US Postal Service employee of goofy dancing soccer fans. Or whatever.

No matter how you wish to refer to him, as you can see from the above animated GIF, there is no denying his unbridled enthusiasm, evident passion and undeniable positivity as exhibited via his killer dance moves. What would you call that move anyway? Raising the Roof One Arm at a Time? The Soccer Fan Sashay? The Dorko Shuffle? The Neo-Maxim-Zoom-Dweebie Dance?

[H/T The Big Lead]