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Beyoncé dresses as sexy referee, shares Super Bowl halftime show rehearsal pics


Beyoncé may be doing her best to remain tight-lipped and avoiding any discussion related to the national anthem lip sync controversy from the inauguration, but she’s a savvy businesswoman and entertainer and understands that the show must go on.

The singing-dancing superstar also has been uploading photos to her Tumblr account from rehearsals leading up to her halftime show performance at Super Bowl XLVII on Feb. 3, and from the looks of the pics, she’s working extremely hard, getting very sweaty, often while rocking a Brooklyn Nets t-shirt, a nod to hubby Jay-Z.

But an official promotional photo for Super Bowl XLVII recently surfaced indicates that while we are well aware of the fact that Beyoncé make most things look incredibly sexy, she can even vamp up a referee’s trademark striped shirt to epic proportions. Yeah, skin-tight hot pants and thigh-high leather boots certainly help the cause. Not that it’s a look I would recommend for Ed Hochuli, but at the same time, “The Gun Show” should never be underestimated.

Photo of Beyoncé’s sexy referee pose in all its glory as well as pics from her Super Bowl rehearsals follow.


Sweet sassy molassey. Allow your gaze to linger upon that photo for a spell or as long as you wish, but when you are finished, here are the rehearsal pics:

beyonce-super-bowl-rehearsal-8 beyonce-super-bowl-rehearsal-7 beyonce-super-bowl-rehearsal-6 beyonce-super-bowl-rehearsal-5 beyonce-super-bowl-rehearsal-4 beyonce-super-bowl-rehearsal-3 beyonce-super-bowl-rehearsal-2 beyonce-super-bowl-rehearsal-1

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