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Backflipping Cheerleader vs. Oblivious Mascot: Who ya got? (video)


Allow me to introduce you to Rocky, the mascot for Western Illinois. During an apparent on-court cheerleader competition or something or other, Rocky, evidently oblivious to what’s going on and clueless about the world around him, is seen meandering across the court. That is until he wanders into the path of a cheerleader performing a series of backflips. Result? BLAM-O! Collision City.

It’s hilarious because apparently no one was hurt. Otherwise, it might have been just funny.

Interesting bit of trivia about Western Illinois: It’s athletics teams go by the Leathernecks. Clearly, the person outfitted in the Rocky the Mascot costume shares at least some commonality with the attributes inherent to someone befitting that moniker. Otherwise, poor old Rocky might have made his way off the court on a stretcher.

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