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Arianny Celeste returns with more nerdy strip trivia, this time: Harry Potter (video)


Last week, the lovely and talented Arianny Celeste dazzled the interwebs with her participation in the video “Strip Star Trek Trivia” for Cinefix. It was a delightful romp and a nerdy delight. To her credit, Miss Arianny Celeste was surprisingly natural. She performed admirably while appearing witty and confident in front of the camera.

Well, Miss Celeste is back with another edition of Strip Trivia. The questions this time around revolve around the Mystical and Magical World of Harry Potter. Enjoy.

To be honest, I’m not much of a Harry Potter guy. Not that there’s anything wrong with the series of novels and films. I just never got into it.

That doesn’t mean the video for “Harry Potter Strip Trivia” wasn’t incredibly interesting and extremely enjoyable. Crap, I’d watch a “Strip Atlas Shrugged Trivia” if Arianny Celeste was involved. Although I’d rather just check out the photos she uploads to her official site. Now that’s a good time-waster.

(for more Arianny Celeste, I bid you to explore the Sportress Archives — it is full of lovely surprises)