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Alexander Ovechkin not only a skilled player, he’s a mad videobomber (video)


Washington Capitals superstar Alexander Ovechkin’s on-ice productivity may have tapered off the past few seasons, but the left winger remains a lethal offensive force on the ice and is still a feared player with the puck on his tape.

It is well-known and well-documented that Ovie is a good-time guy who knows how to enjoy his time off the ice, but unbeknownst to me until just recently was that Alexander Ovechkin is skilled in the arts of the videobomb.

Teammate Mike Ribeiro was recently doing an interview in the locker room (video here) when Ovie sprung, videobombing with a full frontal attack.

Nope, Ovechkin isn’t the type of videobomber that will contently stand behind his victim while making a scene and acting the fool. He gets right up in there, standing between the camera and the videobombee. The same kind of tenacity he demonstrates on the ice is evident in Ovechkin’s videobombing.

[H/T Russian Machine Never Breaks]