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We have our first Katherine Webb sighting at Super Bowl Media Day (photos)


With Media Day for Super Bowl XVVII in New Orleans kicking into high gear, we have out first documented Katherine Webb sighting as she makes a grand appearance at the overblown media frenzy. An image of Miss Webb attending Super Bowl Media Day has surfaced on the interwebs, because of course Katherine Webb is at Super Bowl Media Day.

Actually, Webb is in attendance for a legitimate reason. Well, as far as covering the Super Bowl for an entertainment gossip/news magazine television program can be deemed “legitimate.” Webb is covering the Super Bowl and all its pomp and circumstance and associated festivities for Inside Edition, an assignment she tweeted about a few weeks ago. And how nice is it that she has been able to parlay her instant fame into a high profile gig? Seriously, I’m not kidding. Would you want to be the gal only known as being the ogled object of Brent Musburger’s semi-creepy horndoggery? Thought so.

Additional photos follow.

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