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Trying to get on ice to argue with refs, youth hockey coach flips over boards (vid)


Many argue that the world of youth sports has been ruined by hyper-competitiveness, overzealous coaching and nutso parents. And in many respects, it is difficult to dispute that assessment. But if you did care to argue the finer points of demise of the joy that should be inherent to youth sports, you’d be best advised not to call upon this youth hockey coach and ask him to jump to your defense.

Because he’s comically fall while attempting to get up, at least that probably would be the case if this hilarious video is any indication.

A reader tipped Puck Daddy with the following lowdown on the hockey coach fall down during a game featuring the Little Flyers AAA team, in a game against the Ashburn Extreme:

Game score at the time was 5-1 late in the 3rd period when the Little Flyers AAA team coach tries to hop over the wall and (appears) that he wants to go after the refs (around the 0:20 mark).

He was screaming like a maniac and his attempt to hurdle the wall didn’t end well. Even after hopping back up, he continues to approach the refs (as the refs backpedal in fear). Great example for the kiddos.

Ouch. Ladies and gentlemen: A sad — yet funny — commentary highlighting the caliber of people who we entrust to coach and mold our kids. Watch out for that first step, coach. It’s a doozy.