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Winnipeg Jets star Evander Kane has a pretty nifty new haircut (photos)


Winnipeg Jets superstar Evander Kane has had a solid start to this truncated NHL season: 1 goal and 1 assist. But that likely hasn’t spared him from being placed under the microscope by the Winnipeg press. Kane is so heavily scrutinized by the Winnipeg media prominent national hockey writers like Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy, among others, have addressed it.

And while Kane tweeting pics of himself  holding fat stacks of cash while standing on a balcony in Las Vegas in December during the lockout likely did not do much to help alleviate the scrutiny, the media’s unrelenting nature has been somewhat over-the-top to say the least.

Kane likely ignited another undeserved firestorm on Friday by showing off his brand new hairdo on Twitter.

Kane initially tweeted out the following pics showcasing the new ‘do:

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For the uninitiated, the “EK9” of course references his initials and jersey number and the YMCMB, an acronym for Young Money Cash Money Billionaires, a nod to Lil Wayne’s record label.

Below is a better pic Kane tweeted out later that shows off the entire haircut:


If you ask me, the new haircut is pretty slick. While there remains a possibility that the reaction by Jets fans and the press will not be unfair, inappropriate or reactionary, I’m very confident that either way, there certainly will be some kind of big response to it up in Winnipeg, though.

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