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Man poses with Carmelo Anthony, claims he signed Honey Nut Cheerios box (photo)


The Boston Celtics and New York Knicks squared off on Thursday night at the TD Garden, the first time since Kevin Garnett and Carmelo Anthony mixed it up on the court and had a confrontation afterward on the bus ramp of Madison Square Garden. Rumor had it that the ¬†dustup revolved around something untoward KG said about Carmelo’s wife in relation to her similarity to Honey Nut Cheerios. Celtics coach Doc Rivers insisted Garnett never said such a thing, but the stage was still set for the highly anticipated showdown in Boston.

Security ensured that TD Garden was on lockdown Thursday night, at least as it pertained to anything related to Honey Nut Cheerios, be it a sign, a box of the cereal, people dressed as Buzz, the Honey Nut Cheerios mascot, you name it.

More or less, the night seemed to go off without a hitch, save for some Honey Nut Cheerios paraphernalia and whatnot allegedly being confiscated, and nothing of much consequence between the two players occurred on the court. The Knicks won the game, the supposed feud appeared to be nonexistent and everybody moved on with their lives.

But according to an email tipster to Barstool Sports, Carmelo Anthony apparently retained some semblance of a sense of humor regarding the whole ordeal. A photo was passed along where it appears that Carmelo Anthony is posing with a gentlemen holding a box of Honey Nut Cheerios. And the tipster reports that Carmelo signed it.



What to think? In this super-confusing world of Photoshop and so on, is it possible that this isn’t a real photo? Absolutely. Given that I’m not a skilled practitioner of the art of the Photoshop nor am I an expert on photo analysis, determining whether or not this photo is the Real Deal Holyfield is beyond the scope of my abilities.

Nevertheless, it certainly looks authentic. And if so, props to Anthony for being a good sport about it.

[H/T Barstool Sports (warning: post contains some salty language), headline pic via Examiner]