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Here’s a toddler dunking all over another toddler on a Fisher Price hoop (video)

It’s Friday, so let us ease into what for most people is the last day of the work week with this delightful video featuring two little ragamuffins hooping it up while playing basketball on one of those mini Fisher Price-type  hoops.

Little Guy A takes it strong to the rim and Little Guy B can only raise up his arms and hope for a call charge, that is if there’s a referee in a good angle to determine he’s outside the circle. Yeah, there probably wasn’t a referee.

Too bad for Little Guy B, because not only did he not draw the charging foul, he got straight-up posterized, The slo-mo really elevates the enjoyment factor as well.

Eat your heart out, Blake Griffin. And much like the toddler golfer, this youngster is a phenom with the skills to the pay the bills. Well, some day. Maybe.

[H/T Ball is Life via Off the Bench]