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Adrian Peterson signs fan’s orange peanut, a nod to NFL bad lip-reading video (pics)

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is down in Hawaii for the NFL Pro Bowl, a star-studded event that nevertheless will attract tens, nay, hundreds of viewers on Sunday.

As Peterson was strolling down a long line of enthusiastic autograph seekers, one fan held out an orange peanut, meaning this guy has seen, and like all of us, thoroughly enjoyed “NFL: A Bad Lip-Reading,” the sublimely hilarious video that went viral earlier in January.

For those who haven’t seen the video — and if so, shame on you — here it is. People who have seen it can feel free to watch it again, too. I’m not a stickler or anything.

The aforementioned Adrian Peterson-orange peanut reference comes at approximately 2:00 minute mark of the video, but it is so chock-full of goodness there is no need to fast forward.

Fantastic. Both the video and the guy’s wherewithal and savvy to bring an orange peanut and get it autographed by Adrian Peterson. Gold stars all around.

And here’s a photographic rundown of the autographing of the orange peanut:

adrian-peterson-orange-peanut-2 adrian-peterson-orange-peanut-3 adrian-peterson-orange-peanut-4 adrian-peterson-orange-peanut-5 adrian-peterson-orange-peanut-6 adrian-peterson-orange-peanut-7

Hilarious. It looks like Adrian Peterson got a kick out of the orange peanut, but I wonder if it was because of the novelty of someone asking him to sign such a strange item or if it was that Peterson is aware of the video and enjoyed it himself. Here’s hoping it was the latter.

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