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Has the New Orleans Pelicans logo been leaked? (Photos)


With the official announcement that the New Orleans Hornets will become the New Orleans Pelicans expected to take place on Thursday, Jan. 24, recently published two images of what could be the new logo of the franchise.

Obviously, any leaked information of this nature should be taken with a grain of salt, but according to the article, the tip apparently came from an individual “who had previously posted ‘insider information’ which later turned out to be accurate,” so some legitimacy to the possibility that this is the real logo could be lent to the supposed leak.

An additional image of the Pelicans logo on a baseball cap can be found below.


In light of the less-than-iron-clad nature of the images, I’ll keep my opinions on the supposed new logo “brief.” Get it? Pelicans? Brief? The Pelican Brief? The movie? Right?

Actually, I have no real opinion. I just wanted to make the reference to The Pelican Brief film. Yeah.