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Gym floor that can adapt to any sport via LED markings will blow your mind (video)

Since I’m not a super-scien-ma-tific guy who reads a bunch of techno-mo-logical journals about high-tech doodads and thingamajigs and whatnot, let’s just cut to the chase and allow the creators of ASB GlassFloor, “The Floor of the Future,” explain how a playing surface that can change itself to handle any sport on it courtesy of LED markings does its stuff:

Via ASB GlassFloor’s website:

The properties of glass allow for more than just an optimized floor surface. LED marking lines can be switched on/off or changed on demand. Originally designed for the sport of squash where portable All-Glass-Courts are erected in all types of locations, like city centres, in front of the pyramids or in shopping centres. The floor is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The one way translucence of the floor allows a whole new range of possibilities. LED lines or screens can be seen through the floor but when but when not illuminated, they are invisible. The floor is very long lasting and sustainable.

Mind blown. With one of these contraptions lighting up the floor, gym would have been so much cooler back in the day. It would have made the mocking and ridiculing over my 1920s-era fitness attire so much more tolerable. Okay, maybe not.

[H/T Off the Bench]