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Bulls announcer on game-winner by Italian player: ‘I like my meatballs spicy!’ (video)


Chicago Bulls announcer Stacey King is an excitable fellow and I imagine a joy for Bulls fans to listen to as they watch their favorite NBA team. King is known for busting out a cliched reference well past its expiration date, but is so beloved and admired for the way he can turn a phrase he has his very own soundboard, a la the classic Gus Johnson Soundboard from way back when, that remains a hoot until this day.

So, when King had the opportunity to incorporate some new material into his repertoire, as was the case when Marco Belinelli, born and raised in Italia, hit the game-winning bucket during Wednesday night’s 85-82 win over the Detroit Pistons, we just should haveĀ  assumed King was going to seize the day.

“I like my meatballs spicy!!!” Really? As an individual of partly-Italian descent, I’m not sure how I feel about the slightly stereotypical commentary from King. What say you, Luigi?

Mama mia, indeed. Luigi. Mama mia, indeed.