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Adorable six-year-old girl back with new track about 49ers, Colin Kaepernick (video)


Sarah Redden, the adorable 6-year-old San Francisco 49ers fame became something of a celebrity in December courtesy of a YouTube video where she appears all tatted up and where Niners gear while she raps about the team’s quarterback sensation, Colin Kaepernick.

The original track, “Kaepernicking”, has nearly 600,000 views on YouTube and garnered the youngster from Dayton, Ohio worldwide attention. And now, she is on board San Francisco’s Super Bowl Hype Train with the release of her new 49ers and Kapernick-inspired track, entitled, “Kaepfornia Gold.”

And with her rhymes, little Sarah is dropping science like Galileo dropped the orange.

Even Kaepernick apparently was blown away by Redden’s original ode, reportedly sending the little girl an autographed jersey for her efforts.

Explaining what inspires her songs and how she records them, Redden told Mail Online that she kicks it new school, saying, “My brother and I pick out instrumental music tracks then make up all the lyrics, video, and record on his laptop.”

And with lines like, “Out here wearin’ all scarlet and gold. Now we already got 5 super bowls. But start preparin’ for the Super Bowl party. Come February we’ll be holdin’ the Lombardi. To Disney World for our vacation,” it’s a safe bet to assume that “Kaepfornia Gold” will be a YouTube hit, perhaps even more so than its predecessor.

A representative for the Redden’s parents, discussing their rapping daughter’s rocket to stardom, said:

“At first they just expected her to get a couple thousand views just like any other videos.

“But then they started to get calls from people try hadn’t talked to in years and they knew it was actually like a worldwide video.

“They didn’t like that too much at the beginning but they’ve got used to it now. We were all down in Atlanta for the NFC championship and Sarah was being recognized by everyone.”

My guess is after this new video and track makes its way around the interwebs, little Miss Rapping Redden will attain even greater heights of celebrity.