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MC Hammer was at the Washington Capitals game on Tuesday night (photos)

To be upfront and totally honest, I’m not entirely sure how we should react to the development that MC Hammer seen taking in a Washington Capitals game qualifies as newsworthy. But in this sports blog world of sportsbloggery, it’s certainly an interesting development and warrants a brief mention.

If for no other reason it at least affords me — and I imagine many of you readers — the chance to nostalgically look back upon my youth. And to type the words “Please Hammer don’t hurt ’em.”

Moving on, MC Hammer was actually in attendance for the Washington Capitals home opener on Tuesday night at the Verizon Center in D.C.  The Caps were facing off against the Winnipeg Jets but the real news is that MC HAMMER WAS AT THE GAME! Duh.

Photos follow.

AOL co-founder Steve Case posed with Hammer at the game, a photo that Steve Case tweeted and Hammer re-tweeted:


And then, the Capitals tweeted “MC Hammer wants the Caps to #UnleashTheFury in the 2nd Period, with the below photo attached:


Unleash the fury has never looked so, uh, unleashed. Or something.

The Capitals, sadly, were not adequately motivated by Hammer’s presence, losing to the Jets 4-2, but it ain’t Hammer’s fault. He tried to help the team unleash the fury, but they weren’t listening, which in a way is exactly like the current status of MC Hammer’s catalog of albums. Yeah.

Just earlier this morning I jokingly argued that Justin Bieber posing for a photo with Michael Jordan indicates that the pop star is hellbent on destroying the NBA. And while Bieber is a hockey fan as well, the  NHL should consider itself lucky that they got Hammer. Indeed.

And as a side note: The “bustin loose” reference in Hammer’s tweet above? It is apparently a reference to a 1995 MC Hammer song. Yeah, I have never heard of it before now, either.

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