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Justin Bieber, hellbent on ruining NBA, poses for pic with Michael Jordan (photo)


Justin Bieber professes to be a huge NBA fan. He participates in celebrity games during NBA All-Star weekends and as a reward for his balling exploits, was even featured in NBA 2K13.

But then images like of the Biebster found in these condemning photos surface which at least cast a little doubt over just how much he adores the grand game of NBA basketball.

And then there’s the photo below that leads me to wonder if Justin Bieber is in fact hellbent on trying to ruin the NBA.

Uploaded by the Charlotte Bobcats, this disturbing image contains Justin Bieber posing with the greatest basketball player of all-time (and perhaps the worst NBA owner of all-time as well), Michael Jordan.


The tweet from the Bobcats:

To which Bieber responded with:

Yeah, whatever, man. Not buying what the Biebster is selling here. I imagine his true feelings are more along the lines of the following:

“Hey! Look at me! I’m Justin Bieber and I’m pointing at MJ like I’m really impressed that I’m posing with him when it should be the other way around. Stop smiling like an idiot, Marshall Jordkins or whatever your name is. Doesn’t this guy know who I am? How does my hair look?”

Nothing good can come of this.