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Ronda Rousey spoofs quality TLC program with ‘Here Comes Ronda Boo Boo’ (video)


I’ll be honest and admit I do not know as much as I probably should about Ronda Rousey, other than that she’s an attractive young woman who claims to enjoy engaging in a little bit of sexual activity leading up to MMA fights. Also, she could kick six different kinds of dog crap out of me.

Her attractive appearance and apparently randy demeanor certainly (much less her ability to physically and emotionally destroy me at a moment’s notice with her fists or with something as simple as a bat of her eye) provide more than ample reasons to track Miss Rousey’s career inside and outside the octagon or trapezoid or rhombus or whatever shape the ring is for MMA fights. Dodecahedron?

Still, this latest installment in the Evolving Career of Ronda Rousey is further compelling evidence that this young lady is a born star and it is only a matter of time before she’s more of a household name than she already is at this stage of the game.

Ladies and germs, allow me to present, Here Comes Ronda Boo. And for those of you who can’t grasp the obvious reference (likely the very same caliber of people who count themselves among the brain dead cretins who actually watch that train wreck of a show on TLC ), it’s a nod, send-up and mockery of Here Comes Honey Boo. And seriously, if you couldn’t figure that out on your own, please continue to enjoy the many examples of wonderful, intellectually challenging programming TLC has to offer.

[H/T With Leather]