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Paulina Gretzky: Making ugly golf pants look great since…whenever this was taken


Since Paulina Gretzky has been a consistent presence here at SoB in the past few weeks (and a frequent presence before that), there seems to be no legitimate reason that is worthy of slamming on the brakes of this runaway train anytime soon.

So, without further ado, we give you: Paulina Gretzky in “Making Ugly Pants Look Sexy Since Whenever This Pic Was Taken.”

Tweeting on Thursday that she’s “One Of The Boys djohnsonpga” (anyone else have that Katy Perry song stuck in their heads now? Just me?), Gretzky attached the below image of her demonstrating her golfing prowess:


Nice stance. Good posture. Proper address. Impeccable form all the way around.

Given the budding romance between Gretzky and her new beau, pro golfer Dustin Johnson, and the fact the two are darn near inseparable it seems. it makes sense that she is taking a newfound interest in the sport, but this is certainly not the first time The Great One’s daughter has been photographed swinging the sticks:


And in case anyone is wondering, the new celebrity couple appear to be going strong. Gretzky retweeted the following tweet from Johnson:

I see she’s rocking the very same pants. Nice.

Oh, to be young and in love. And rich. Filthy, stinking rich.