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Guy with Twitter handle @RavenManic, shaves, dyes hair, is manic over Ravens (pic)


A maniacal Baltimore Ravens fan with the Twitter handle “@RavenManic” truly takes his social media moniker very, very seriously. So much so, that he has uploaded a photo of himself going all out in the head and scalp area to profess his impassioned dedication to his beloved football squad. Gotta support the team.

As you can see, RavenManic not only has shaved Ray Lewis’ No. 52 jersey number into the side of his head, he has also added the Baltimore “B” into the other side, coloring his hair the appropriate purple and black to complete the look.

But it does not end there. Check out the front. RavenManic, through a combined process of clipping, dyeing and bleaching, has made the front of his head resemble the bird for which Baltimore’s NFL franchise is named.

“Quoth the raven, ‘Nevermore'”, indeed. As in, “Until this grows out, I will nevermore be able to attend formal events or show up at work without wearing a hat.” But that’s the price that must be paid in order to be a true superfan. Kudos, RavenManic.

[H/T @RavenManic, via @darrenrovell]